What's in a Name

Choosing a blog name wasn't as easy as I'd thought. The only reason I really ever wanted a blog was to use some form of a fun spin on my two kids' names which lend themselves to all kinds of double-meanings. I knew I wanted some combination of  "Margot, Miles, Mar, Go, Got, Smiles." But many other people apparently liked the obvious combinations of those names too and not all options were available. Then, I made the mistake of asking the kids to weighed in and things got emotionally charged because they both insisted their name should be the lead. Miles is unhappy with this one because he doesn't care to be possessed by his sister... or to come second. Still, in the end, I went with it because when Margot was born we knew we were all on a new journey. Miles implies a journey, milestones, the passing of time. Margot's lilting french name reminds me of "going" forward, of marigolds, and mostly of her 3 grandmothers - all "Mary"s and all lovely, strong women. Plus, Margot does love her brother with a sort of fierceness and possessiveness I could never have dreamed of when I planned for 2 children. Like all siblings they're rivals, competing for attention. But they also compliment one another's gifts, prop one another up, buoy each other's confidence, and offer built-in companionship.

I hope this blog will be an outlet for my many musings as I navigate my many life journeys through work, family, friends, creativity, and spirituality, in no particular order. I don't claim to have an extraordinary life or profound things to share. But I believe each ordinary day is precious and each path worth exploring. So, I set it down in writing to see where this journey leads.


amy wolgemuth bordoni said...

I hope you keep writing, Gretchen! I would love to read more about lovely, determined Margot. btw, have you heard about the relatively new book, A Good and Perfect Gift by Amy Julia Becker? Well written, moving and although certainly not the experience of every parent of a child with down syndrome, worth reading, I think. Miss seeing you in STC.

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